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Spiral Duct

Round ductwork formed from a coil of metal into a rigid tube with a 4-ply lockseam. It has a smooth interior for low friction loss with the grooved seam entirely on the outside. … More


Oval Duct

Flat oval duct has been designed for restricted space conditions that cannot accept round spiral duct. Flat Oval Spiral Pipe is fabricated in spiral lock seam or longitudinal … More

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Rectangular Welded Duct

These are manufactured in many sizes and forms. Rectangular welded ducts are mostly utilized to meet engineered designs specific requirements. Provides a solid metal … More


Rectangular Duct

This type of ductwork can be customized according to specific engineering or architectural designs. Rectangular ductwork has great durability and is suitable for industrial … More


Commercial Kitchen Hoods

The installation of a proper ventilation system is essential to the safety of any kitchen. These ventilation devices are located above the stove or kitchen top. Through these ducts … More

Sheet Metal Fabrication2

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